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How to reach Tamhini Ghat from Pune

Tamhini ghat from Pune is easily reachable through road. Places to visit near Pune in monsoon are many and Tamhini ghat is one of the main Ghats of Pune. Khandala is yet another monsoon spot near the city of Pune at a distance of 69 km.

  • While taking the road way to Tamhini Ghat from Pune you should opt for the Mumbai-Bangalore highway or the Mumbai-Pune highway. It is around 70 kilometer of distance.
  • Tamhini Ghat is just beyond the Mulshi Dam.

A beautiful drive to Tamhini (Places to visit near Pune in Monsoon)

There is an abundance of natural beauty around the city of Pune. The city has emerged as one of India’s most loved job hub and at the same time has seen influx of residents from all over the country.

The beautiful and historic city has become an inevitable part of the economy of country. The tourism of the state also contributes to the revenue of state.

Tamhini ghat from Pune

Khandala and Lonavala have always been an attractive point in the Maharashtra tourism. Now with the increased accessibility and technology people have become aware of various sprawling destinations.

  • Sight-seeing and a smooth drive; if these are your preferences head to the several places to visit near pune in Monsoon.

Nearest Airport

  • The nearest airport is the Pune Airport. From here you can take a cab, taxi or public transport towards Mulshi dam and Tamhini ghat.

Nearest railway station

  • The nearest railway station to the Tamhini ghat is Pune railway station.

While you take the road to our beautiful and picturesque destination you would have an urge to stop at each point and capture memories in your camera. The entire drive way is so mesmerizing that you won’t forget the experience. What you get is a change in the monotonous city life and bringing home memories.

Point to remember

Since you are taking the road way to Tamhini ghat from Pune there are certain points that you should tick on your checklist. Let us have a look at the same.

  • Since this is one of the most beautiful places to visit near pune in monsoon the amount of tourist influx is generally high.
  • You should always have prior information about the drive way because the route is hilly and rocky.
  • Your vehicle should have the perfect re-filling if needed.
  • The drive way will pass through Mulshi dam and hence you can check the route beforehand.

Khandala- the adobe of clouds

This is yet another hill station in the Western Ghats and hence a mention here is worth it. Ghats means ‘valley’ in Marathi (Maharashtra state of India). Khandala has emerges as a common area for hiking and biking.

The state of Maharashtra has many such destinations that woo the youth and the people living nearby.

Tamhini ghat from pune

The best way to reach all these destinations is to take the road ways. It keeps your heart and mind away from the chaos of city life. See our destinations page for more such places.

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