A Drive to Tamhini Ghat

All across the country, such destinations that are at the lap of hills and mountains have curvy roads. Maharashtra India is famous for its tunnels and curvy roads. The majestic Tamhini Ghat is one of the most beautiful Ghats in Maharashtra India. The roads in tamhini are curvy and narrow, as they are expected to be on hilly terrains.

Tamhini Ghat is a mountain passage that cuts across the Sahyadri range to join Pune and the Kokan region. Located on the crest of the Sahyadris, it is famous for its natural beauty—with high mountains, green valleys, lakes and waterfalls. This part of the shayadri range on the Western Ghats has forest reserves. Various trees that are unique to these terrains are easily available and restored here.

Tamhini is actually a mountain passage between the Mulshi Dam and Tamhini. Once you cross the famous Mulshi Dam you reach around Tamhini. Tamhini Ghat is the stretch between Kolad and Mulshi Dam backwaters. The Mulshi dam is located in the Muslhi Taluka. The Mulshi dam is not just one of the monsoon places near Pune but also serves many economical purposes. From the Tamhini Ghat you can take the road that leads to the Mulshi Dam backwaters. As you approach the Mulshi backwaters, you will come across many resorts.

Moving further towards kolad which is now becoming immensely popular for river rafting that you can do on the river Kundalika.Tamhini ghat provides the perfect picnic spot for many vacationers arriving here from Pune and its adjoining regions. There was beautiful greenery everywhere and lot of flowers along the roadside making this journey more charming. Tamhini Ghat is simply ethereal with its sweeping views and is definitely less crowded than its cousin, Malshej Ghat.  It is not advised to go through Tamhini ghat late in the evenings.

A drive to any such place near Pune is enough to free your mind from the stress caused by any of the above factors.

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tamhiniA Drive to Tamhini Ghat

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