Attractions for Tamhini Ghat

The Tamhini Ghat waterfalls are a rhythmical and sublime tourist place. Like the Khandala Ghat the Tamhini Ghat as well is a pleasing and poetic boon to Maharashtra tourism. The stories of the Tamhini Ghat haunted places also attract quite a good amount of tourist.

The entire Western Ghat region is blessed with such small and large waterfalls and trekking places. Some are widely known others are not. Some are largely crowded others are not. So let us take a look at the real attractions of Tamhini Ghat.

Tamhini mountain trekking

The sahyadri range welcomes the trekking lovers to the Tamhini Ghats. The rocky terrain and narrow and steep slopes are a perfect for trekking. The forests at Tamhini often welcome trekkers.

Trekking is a fun activity and people in this part of the country have so many options to go trekking.

Tamhini ghat waterfalls

Tamhini Ghat haunted

India is an amazing country and here we find amalgamation of attractions all across the country. It is so said that the Tamhini Ghat haunted places gives you a chance to encounter ghosts or spirits.

While on a bike ride or other drives the enthusiasts look for ghosts and super natural signs in and around Tamhini Ghat.

Tamhini ghat waterfalls

Tamhini wildlife sanctuary

The latest wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra is the Tamhini wildlife sanctuary. A wildlife sanctuary is a natural habitat to the wild life. The govt. has taken the pleasure of taking 12 compartments of reserved forests. The flora and fauna of the area led to the declaration of Tamhini Ghat waterfalls and hills as a sanctuary. This is a strong step toward conserving the wild life.

Tamhini ghat waterfalls

Tamhini road trip

A road trip is the best way of a fun filled relaxing activity. A tamhini ghat to khandala Ghat road trip can be as thrilling as the natural beauty they possess. Here you see clouds that you can touch roads that are steep climbing and the rocky terrain, is a perfect package for a road trip.

Several bikers head towards the Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls and bring back heartwarming and mind chilling memories.


Tamhini Ghat waterfalls

Tamhini Ghat is a mountain passage near Tamhini and Mulshi Dam. Just beyond the Mulshi Dam is situated the Tamhini Waterfalls. These are beautiful water falls. During the monsoon the scene of these water falls is totally amazing and capturing. Not all the falls are similar. Each has a unique fall and shape.

The water is as pure and beautiful as it can be. The fall of the water on the rocks is dramatically guided by nature. You just can’t capture it all in your camera.

Tamhini ghat waterfalls

Several villages near the Tamhini Ghats get you the feel of overcoming the city life.

  • Like the Lonavala and Khandala Ghats the Tamhini too is getting its much deserved recognition.
  • For more thrills refer to our destinations page and direct your trips wisely.
  • The lush greenery spread over the sahayadri range makes it all the more interesting to travel on these beautiful terrains.