A Drive to Tamhini Ghat

All across the country, such destinations that are at the lap of hills and mountains have curvy roads. Maharashtra India is famous for its tunnels and curvy roads. The majestic Tamhini Ghat is one of the most beautiful Ghats in Maharashtra India. The roads in tamhini are curvy and narrow, as they are expected to be on hilly terrains.

tamhiniA Drive to Tamhini Ghat

Tamhini Ghat – Beauty of Nature

If you would like to see nature at its best and also pack in a little adventure, one of the best choices, especially during the monsoon, is Tamhini Ghat Lonavala. It is during this time that the deep brown hills turn a verdant green and provide a feast for the eyes.

tamhiniTamhini Ghat – Beauty of Nature