Gold Valley Tamhini Ghat

The gold valley Tamhini Ghat is a pride of the Western Ghats. For all tamhini ghat information and know about refer our how to get there page. Tamhini ghat Pune is a mountain passage between Mulshi dam and Tamhini. 20-25 kilometres ahead of the grand Mulshi dam, are situated the Tamhini Ghat pune.

Western ghats highlights

Biker on their throbbing bikes and tourists mesmerized in the views of the vivid waterfall is a common scene here. High mountains, lush greenery, lakes and waterfalls are the main attractions.

  • The roads are curvy and narrow, as they are expected to be on hilly terrains.
  • The drive way is beautiful with each step as picturesque as the destination.
  • The destination is just ahead of the Mulshi Dam and hence you cover 2 amazing places in one way.

As the journey begins, the dense clouds keep reaching for the high and low hills. The sight of 2-3 waterfalls originating from a single source is common in the Western Ghats. Tamhini Ghat information is displayed on sign boards at regular intervals.

Tea stalls and food joints are not available in good numbers at tamhini ghat pune. The visitors feed their soul with overwhelming natural beauty. It isn’t wrong to call this place as gold valley tamhini ghat.

The sound that the waterfall makes while falling on the rocks is so serene. Ears and heart gets that soothing feeling which isn’t available in the daily life. Away from the city life these tamhini ghat Pune are a must visit.

Scenic beauty

A lot has been said and written about the scenic beauty of the tamhini ghat and Western Ghats. The best is yet to come! Yes the beat description comes when you personally feel the ghats. Grab your car steering and head towards the green and dense woods. A family outing or a friend’s gateway Tamhini promises a great experience.

Curvy roads

All across the country such destinations which are at the lap of hills and mountains have curvy roads. Maharashtra India is famous for its tunnels and curvy roads. Towards Mulshi and Tamhini expect the roads to be curvy. Long queues of cars and bikes are common. While driving back to the city these curves are felt intensely.

Western Ghats

Dark clouds

Clouds means rains, monsoon, mist, fog, pleasant weather and what not. Gold valley tamhini ghat serves you dense and dark clouds that make the ambience all the more enjoyable and romantic. You can feel the clouds touching you and literally you can claim yourself on cloud 9!

It so seems that the hill tops own a crown each of dark and dense clouds.

Densed woods

This part of the shayadri range on the Western Ghats has forests reserves. The wild life sanctuary has been possible because of the presence of variety of flora and fauna. The Densed woods and the wild life make it a natural habitat for these creatures. They are nature supportive and attract tourists who take interest in these. Various trees that are unique to these terrains are easily available and restored here.